Winter work in the HAS

Work has been continuing inside the HAS over the winter.

This update is to illustrate the continuing progress with the Phantom, and improving the external lighting functionality.

Wine Rack

A mounting rack has been fashioned and fitted inside the nosewheel bay. It was modified from an old wine rack which had been inside a fridge in a Summer House, hopefully the lady of the house will not mind its absence!

The position inside the nosewheel bay is to allow easy access for any of the staff to be able to activate the aircraft lighting in an easy manner, without having to resort to using high steps or climbing into or on top of the aircraft. The installation was done in a manner that was non-destructive to the Phantom, and could be easily removed, if necessary, without damage to the aircraft.

Fuse box and power

Once the mounting tray was installed, a fuse box was fitted to allow all the wiring to congregate in one area, and the power supply box was fitted.

Today, we concentrated on just the nosewheel light, which was fitted in place and wired in to the fuse box. We are pretty happy with the progress made so far, but our next step will be to get some wiring up to the Phantom fin lights, to ensure they can also be activated safely from within the nosewheel bay, rather than having to precariously climb on top of the jet.

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