56 Sqn Gate Crest returns home

56 Sqn crest

On 21st August 2022 an important artefact was handed over to the Wattisham Station Heritage Museum.

The large and heavy concrete 56 Squadron crest had been affixed to the Guard House at the Main Gate of Wattisham for many years, in clear and easy view for all the staff and visitors to the base.

Following the departure of the R.A.F. in 1992, whilst the Guard House was being upgraded, the crest was removed and disposed of in a waste skip. Major Joseph (Sepp) Pauli, a former 56 Sqn exchange officer, recovered the crest and took it to Wales. When Major Pauli retired, the crest went with him to Schornbach, in Germany.

The crest was eventually returned to the UK in February 2022, and presented to The Wattisham Station Heritage Museum in August 2022 by Wing Commander Ian A Cameron.

This crest is an important Wattisham artefact and takes it’s rightful place to be preserved and protected here for future generations.

Wing Commander Ian A Cameron and Nathan Garrard

The Museum expresses it’s grateful thanks to Major Joseph Pauli, Wing Commander Ian A Cameron, and all those associated with this important recovery.

If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of the similar 111 Sqn crest which also adorned the Guard House, we will be extremely grateful to hear from you using the website Contact Page linked here.

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