“Wendy” is Alive

Work has progressed alongside the re-assembly of Meteor WD686 to try and get the electrical wiring and internal and external lighting working.

Some of the existing wiring had been damaged during dis-assembly and transport, so a number of repairs have had to be carried out to ensure the wiring looms are in a satisfactory state.

A suitable power supply was sourced that could be hidden discreetly inside the airframe, and was easy to access and use by the Museum Staff.

After some further wiring tweaks, this power source was fitted and connected and switched on. This seems to provide the correct amount of voltage and power for our needs, and appears to be the simplest and tidiest and most straight-forward solution for our requirements.

Location used for the power supply in the nose section of the Meteor.

The panel has quick release fasteners for ease of use, no tools necessary.

Plenty of room inside the panel, and nice and dry.

Simple Power Supply functionality.

Main landing lights.

Port Wingtip light.

Starboard Wingtip light.

Even the fintip light.

And some internal cockpit lighting too.