About Your Visit

Having already provided details of driver, passengers and the vehicle registration number on booking, you will be issued with a vehicle pass and personal passes for all on arrival, A member of the Museum staff will smooth your passage through the gate and direct you to the parking facility, ensuring that the layout of the Museum is understood. Do not be alarmed on passage as the sentry will be armed – this is standard practice.

All visitors must always carry a photo-ID such as a Passport or a photo-driving licence. We want to make your visit to our museum as relaxed as possible but to do this we need to ensure that you understand that our museum is located within the Wattisham Army Station which is an active military base and as such all visitors must adhere to the Stations security requirements. The Museum consists of two base locations, so it will be necessary to transfer visitors from the Nissen Hut (main location) to the H.A.S. (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) for the second part. The change will be made using visitors own vehicles, sharing where possible and escorted throughout.

You should allow about 2 hours for your visit. We will be open on Sundays from 3rd April 2022 to Sunday 3rd October 2022 subject to confirmation on booking. Times of opening will be 11 AM to 4 PM.