85 Squadron

Squadron Motto: “Nocto Diuque Venamur” (We Hunt by Day and Night)

Squadron Nickname: “Flying Foxes”

85 Squadron was formed at Upavon on 1st August 1917 and was awarded a number of Battle Honours during the First and Second World Wars.

85 Squadron E Flight formed at Wattisham in September 1981, previously being 25 Squadron C Flight at Laarbruch in West Germany. They were a Bloodhound Surface to Air missile unit assigned airfield defence, sited in the Eastern corner of the airfield, closest to the perceived threat axis of potential incoming Soviet attack aircraft.

In July 1989 85 Squadron was disbanded when the Bloodhound missile was taken out of service.

No flights had taken place during their stay at Wattisham.

85 Squadron Bloodhound