74 Squadron

Squadron Motto: “I Fear No Man”

Squadron Nickname: “The Tiger Squadron”

74 Squadron was formed at Northolt on 1st July 1917 by the Royal Flying Corps and gained many Battle Honours during both World Wars.

On 30th August 1984 74 Squadron arrived at Wattisham flying Phantom F-4Js. These aircraft had been urgently acquired from ex US Navy stock in storage in Arizona in order to fill a gap in UK air-defence caused by 23 Squadron having to move to the Falkland Islands.

After a short stay in the main hangars, the squadron moved into the Northern HAS site at Wattisham and became a firm favourite with the locals.

After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact the RAF Germany Phantom squadrons were disbanded and in 1991 their Phantom FGR2s became available for use by 74 Squadron.

74 Squadron disbanded at Wattisham on 1st October 1992.

74 Squadron Phantom F-4J