656 Squadron

Squadron Motto: “Volans Et Videns” (Flying and Seeing)

656 Squadron was formed as a RAF squadron on 31st December 1942 at Westley, initially flying Tiger Moths.

During the Second World War it operated in India and the Far East, disbanding on 15th January 1947.

The squadron re-formed on 1st September 1957 as an Army Air Corps squadron, operating in the Far East prior to taking part in Operation Agila (Rhodesia) and Operation Corporate (Falkland Islands) with Scout AH1s.

656 Squadron became one of the lead Apache AH1 units with 9 Regiment at Dishforth, and participated in Operation Herrick (Afghanistan) prior to moving to Wattisham in 2007 and becoming part of 4 Regiment.

The squadron still has a maritime support role, and will often embark Royal Navy vessels. During Operation Ellamy in May 2011, Apaches flew from HMS Ocean in support of operations in Libya, whilst there was still a concurrent ongoing Apache operational presence in Afghanistan.

656 Squadron continues to fly from Wattisham today as part of 4 Regiment.

Apache AH1 equipped with emergency flotation gear for over-water operations