2000 to 2018: Police Support Unit

Another tenant arrived in October 2000 in the form of a black and yellow Eurocopter EC.135 G-SUFF in the hands of Suffolk Police Air Support Unit. Housed in one of the vacated Hardened Aircraft Shelters like the one used by the Museum aircraft, the main building was equipped as a workshop, and routine servicing for all Essex, Cambridge and Suffolk Police helicopters was eventually carried out here. 

A Police Support Unit offers scanning capability equivalent to many officers on the ground (in a fraction of the time) as well enabling the task to be done from the safety of the air. G-SUFF was averaging some 1,400 missions and 700 hours a year. Success rates to the end of October 2006 showed 117 arrests, recovery of some £150,000 in stolen property with a strength of one sergeant, 7 officers and three civilian aircrew. After successfully serving the area for some years the unit left Wattisham in 2018 to the lasting disappointment of those in the local area.