1946 to 1954: The Meteor Era

The Americans formally hand the station back to the RAF in January 1946. Squadron Leader Brown assumed command on behalf of 25 Group. A care and maintenance party move in. October 1946 saw the arrival of 245 Squadron equipped with Meteor F3s, closely followed by 56 and 266 Squadrons in the November. It soon became apparent that the airfield was unsuitable for jets and the Squadrons soon moved out again. In the summer of 1949 the Air Ministry purchased more land and a longer hardened runway was constructed.

On 27th October 1950, 257 and 263 Squadrons arrived, equipped with Meteor F8s.

On the 1st February 1953 Felixstowe was flooded to a depth of 9 feet, 260 men + 100 dependents were evacuated to Wattisham. Over 500 service men from the station helped dam the breaches in the sea defences along the East Coast.

Both Squadrons took part in the Coronation Fly-past on 2nd June 1953 sending 23 aircraft. At the end of May 1954, 152 Squadron re-formed at Wattisham equipped with night fighter variants, Meteor NF12s and 14s. The Meteor reign came to an end in late 1954 when the night fighters left for Stradishall and the day fighter Squadrons awaited their new Hunters.