111 Squadron

Squadron Motto: “Adstantes” (Standing By)

Squadron Nickname: “Treble One”

111 Squadron was formed as a fighter squadron in Palestine on 1st August 1917. The First and Second World Wars saw Treble One rack up an impressive number of aerial victories, becoming one of the highest scoring units in the RAF.

111 Squadron moved into Wattisham from North Weald during June 1958, flying Hunter F6s. Under the command of Squadron Leader Roger Topp, they were the Fighter Command aerobatic team, the “Black Arrows”, and famously looped a formation of 22 Hunters at Farnborough airshow, a record for jet fighters that still stands.

In 1960 111 Squadron traded in their Hunters for supersonic Lightning F1As. Again 111 Squadron took on the aerobatic display duties for Fighter Command, before upgrading to the superior Lightning F3 in 1965.

In September 1974, 111 Squadron departed Wattisham to convert to the Phantom.