110 Squadron

Squadron Motto: “Nec Timeo Nec Sperno” (Neither Fear Nor Despise)

Squadron Nickname: “The ‘Hyderabad’ Squadron”

Squadron Codes: AY then VE

110 Squadron was formed at Rendcomb on 1st November 1917 and operated as bomber squadron throughout the First World War.

110 Squadron arrived at Wattisham on 11th May 1939 with their Blenheim Mk.I light bombers as part of Bomber Command’s 2 Group. They quickly upgraded to the Blenheim Mk.IV in time for war to be declared on 3rd September 1939.

On the 4th September 1939 Wattisham launched the very first RAF bombing raid of the Second World War, when 110 Squadron and 107 Squadron each sent 5 Blenheims from Wattisham to attack German battleships near Wilhelmshaven. 110 Squadron pilot Flt Lt Doran was awarded the DFC for his part in this attack.

110 Squadron continued to attack ground and sea targets from Wattisham throughout 1940 and 1941.

In March 1942, 110 Squadron departed Wattisham for the Far East.

110 Squadron Blenheim. Image via Internet