Westland Lynx XZ605

The long-awaited acquisition of a Lynx AH7 was worth the wait as on the 28th April 2014   XZ605 arrived on the back of a low loader from Middle Wallop where this Lynx was taken out of service.

This particular airframe was actually based at Wattisham during the early 2000’s, so has a good connection with Wattisham.

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Entered Service: 1978
Maximum all up weight: 4,875 kg (AH7)
Engines: 2 x Rolls Royce GEM (AH7), 2 x T800 (AH9A)
Crew: 2 (3 with Crewman) + 6 troops
Length: 50 ft 1inch
Main rotor diameter: 42 ft
Height: 12 ft 5 inches
Maximum speed: 160 knots
Range: 280 nm
Armament: 7.62mm general purpose machine gun or M3M 12.7mm machine gun

Brief history of XZ605

21 Nov 1979: First flight as AH1
10 Dec 1979: Delivered to Fleetlands
09 Jul 1980: To 651 Sqn/1 Rgt at Hildesheim
December 1980: To Wroughton for Reserve Fleet
27 Apr 1982: To Fleetlands for TOW missile equipment fit
19 Jul 1982: Loaned to Lynx Conversion Flight for use by the Silver Eagles display team during the AAC airshow
July 1982: Returned to Wroughton
01 Nov 1982: To 3 CBAS Royal Marines at Yeovilton, initially coded L, then coded 23B
September 1985: To Fleetlands for mods
02 Oct 1985: Road move to Middle Wallop
October 1985: To 3 CBAS Royal Marines at Yeovilton, and re-coded 23A
14 Mar 1986: To CSE at Kidlington for respray
26 Mar 1986: Returned to 3 CBAS at Yeovilton
Early 1986: To Wyton for trials fitment of Electronic Warfare equipment
22 May 1986: To A&AEE at Boscombe Doen for trials
20 Jun 1986: To 3 CBAS at Yeovilton
10 Jul 1986: To 70 Aircraft Workshop REME at Middle Wallop
To Fleetlands
11 Sep 1987: Returned to 3 CBAS Royal Marines at Yeovilton, taking up the code X
20 Feb 1989: Accident in Fagernes, Norway, with no casualties
21 Mar 1989: Cabin roaded to Wroughton, damage assessed as Cat.4
To Fleetlands for repair, and conversion to AH7 standard
23 Nov 1989: Re-designated as AH7
10 Dec 1990: To 3 CBAS Royal Marines at Yeovilton
25 Oct 1993: To Fleetlends for mods
01 Nov 1993: Returned to 3 CBAS
31 Aug 1995: 3 CBAS re-titled as 847 NAS
18 Jan 1996: To Fleetlands for mods
14 Mar 1996: Returned to 847 NAS, coded Y
September 1997: To 70 Aircraft Workshop REME at Middle Wallop
06 Oct 1997: Road move to Fleetlands
14 Jan 1998: Returned to 847 NAS at Yeovilton
To 9 Regiment at Dishforth
2004: Based at Wattisham, TOW equipped, still coded Y, still with ROYAL MARINES titles
2010: With 671 Squadron at Middle Wallop, coded L
To Fleetlands, declared “non-effective” 30 Aug 2013
04 Nov 2013: To RTP line at Middle Wallop for Wildcat donor programme